Chapter 2. What happened?

To start with, I’m gonna say straight that I had to get my Instagram page back for a reason. As I’ve agreed to have partnerships with some brands, I was warned that I’m gonna be in trouble if I just disappear from online world. As all the advertisements I’ve made gonna disappear as well, so it’s not legally and ethically right to do that.

However, my experiment hasn’t failed totally. Since I recovered my page, I’m still not there. I’m not checking the feed, I don’t chat with people and I don’t spend hours anymore scrolling the stories. And I’m gonna keep that part to work like that. Even two days without Instagram have been enough to start correcting my daily habits. And that means all the social networks, but I’ve put Instagram as the biggest concern, cause it truly took most of my time. In two days none of the “Instagram friends” noticed anything and none of them got concerned about my sudden disappearance. So why should I be concerned about them? I used to think they are friends, but, indeed, it was just an easy interaction, so when it got to a problem of getting connecting some other way, they haven’t bothered themselves with a concern.

It’s been only two days, but they were, honestly, sad and amazing. My head has been full of thoughts running around, which finally led to some important conclusions. No matter how many friends you have, stick with those who care, who needs you just to be around, who listen to you and who shows that. No one needs to get along with egoistic person, no one deserves to be treated like shit and be hurt. You don’t need that, no. And it’s gonna be a relief in some time, though I wish the relief could come immediately. If you have feelings, that is great, you are amazing and beautiful person. But it’s gonna hurt for some time like hell, and it’s gonna go away. It’s always like that, and you are so strong, that you can handle everything.

Make yours self a challenge that I did. Take phone to connect with friends and family, take phone when you need to google, take phone when you need to use the dictionary of to make a photo of small beautiful things around. Don’t take it out of the boredom. Find ways to entertain yourself. I’ve started to read a book in Finnish, which took me years to finally just start. I found amazing podcasts, which I never ever listened to. I took a walk with headphones on, which seemed to be impossible already, when you become a driver. I remembered I have a blog and kinda of nice writing skills. So maybe it can bring some use to the society or share a soul talk with someone who reads it? I started to write.

I did much more things in two days than in the past two weeks. Gosh, it feels so great, I just feel like keeping that way and forget about past bad habits. Life is so so short, I can’t allow myself wasting it. I know I want much more in life, so why not to start doing actions right now?

I hope we can all travel soon and see other sides of the life.

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    1. Thank you so much, I appreciate a lot the feedback! It was always a struggle to open up that much to allow any people read what’s in your head, so I value a lot when someone actually understands the point.

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